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Want wouldn’t be expected so one would be expected to be in theoretician one would not be expected to be months think thatch the mine recent why it’s there second reason is Lamont billion this is a little bit more theoretical spun not it might be that the exception was provided as I E a practical mean sand to ensure that small tried is on not disadvantaged if you think a minutes.

we’ll try to some much more likely to use that services applying iTunes to help them with the right to seize hoots then cay line to try to sigh multinational lot to Chinese with we have more resources and even won’t be able to sit up I’m office seen the exporting country for could see who persists so it could have been with that intention to two not disadvantage the smaller China wanna wanna angel one of the proposals that you put to the Uruguay round now was that this exception be removed I you said that it just makes things more complex and difficult and I said particularly for developing countries well it certainly does.

And make things more difficult so it’s with easy to agree with that use point of view in that speaks it’s a thank you Chris knows a good one I K thanks Craig am we will just add take a couple more minutes to try and filtered through the questions that have come mean I’m so place to stay with this I will meet us just high-k I’m moving on to the next question as I said an early I don’t think we can be able to get through all the questions snipe attache will do one more and I’m I think this one because hit.

The it’s quite a good question it’s a mix of that come from now at cousin son the east Island exchange and New Zealand very spiny Zealand has why is it that Australia and the USA choice to exclude I this a sprite and insurance from the custom.

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