Great Lessons You Can Learn From Valuation

Done is sort of walked away and sort of forgotten about it the seller in the meantime may have become you know more desperate and very keen to sell so that actually presents another opportunity where the seller is now prepared to reduce their price but because you know.

The agent received sallow ball offers from other people previously is not necessarily going to follow up with them again and try and close the deal has just waiting for new people to come along now and so if toucan contact them and find something that’s been around for a while the sellers nearly desperate you can also get a deal potentially there the way that I found you can get deals the bests to actually.

Get to know agents and ask them to tell you about properties before they hit the market so that’s sounds secretive but it’s actually not basically you know these agents are always prospecting to get more properties to sell so you can say hey you know I’m you know looking Sydney Property Valuations at something that’s like this I’m looking at you know three bedrooms down on hows I’m looking for a two bedroom apartment you know this one you’ve got listed here I don’t mind it that’s why I’m calling however I don’t think it’s going to be quite perfect based on the yield and I’m an investor I’m looking for a quick transaction and I’ve got my finance already and you say but.