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characteristic high-growth companies are making money they’re making money but they’re free cash for the equity is probably going to be a big negative number know what I’m asking them to do pay forty percent of net income as dividends it’s going to kill those companies terrible idea right you know who’s going to be lobbying the strongest for this idea large companies making big profits.

There’s always have vested interest when you see something that doesn’t make sense kind of established in practice it doesn’t get there by accident in once it gets a whole group of companies and a whole group of lobbyists will push to keep it there because somebody’s being helped by so when you hear people don’t like we should match mandate that thirty forty percent of early to be Property Valuations Perth paid out as dividends remember who you gonna end up hurting you gonna end up hurting the smallest highest growth companies.

And essentially going to be the largest companies that dominate the market is going to continue to dominate even more there’s also talking to you are strange how people can talk about the same phenomena two sides of the picture about how you s companies are not reinvesting enough big story in The Wall Street Journal The New York Times the political story to the economic story and much of their ire is directed not it didn’t but its stock buybacks right because that’s supposedly the reason companies are not reinvesting money so that’s a plus I throw another popular scheme on the table I said look this is terrible the companies.