Property valuation

Easy Rules Of Valuation

potentially double household income professional sand they might both be on six-figure salaries so when you look at million-dollar loan for a couple who maybe on household income of , it’s all relative isn’t it so when you get combination and a consistency and demand of those people that’s what pushes prices higher and that’s why when remove out of the cities into the more greenfield.

Areas in the newer states that’s where online house valuations the cheapest land is and that’s where the cheapest builds are because they’re the people who are just starting on their journey and their incomes might not be as strong so Don’t buy into the global story or throe the macro story that Australia’s in property bubble that’s just simply not true the people who are actually being able to afford these.

Are being able Roget the money and we’re not seeing the banks do silly things around lending money at extraordinary levels so Suspect this will continue and we’re certainly not in a bubble yet but what we are seeing at the moment is is a hype there’s a bit of a sense of urgency that I’ve got to get in now so what you will see in these cases it properties will overshoot themselves in some areas so you know they’re their price point that affordability price point might be and they go to so in a year’s time or months time when things slow down and becomes a little bit harder tomorrow money you know those property-prices might come off for a bit but over the longer term will see incomes-continuing to rise and we’ll see the value of so those properties move forward so don’t be.